Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20.

At this time, it is still a little hard to guage where we are going or what we should do with the students. Sole's thought of a journal is a nice idea. This week we may have the same students, we could have more, or we could have less. It would be hard to determine how much art supplies we should bring. I think we all agree that the children should do something this week. If they don't, they may start to lose interest in belonging to our club. Unfortunaltely, no amazing ideas are coming to me. I've been thinking about it over the weekend, but haven't come up with anything clever enough. If we helped the children create journals this week within our 1/2 hour time slot, we can ask them to draw pictures/write journal entries during the next week as to what their hopes/dreams are, what they want to be when they grow up, their favorite things to do, etc. Not sureif this is really what we are going for with this project, but it's at least something fun they can do.

And don't worry, last semester it took quite some time for some of the kids to open up to us!


  1. I concur. In my opinion, the people that have any problems with the ideas that have been presented, then they should present ideas of their own. Also, I, personally, think that we should do a different, creative activity each week; and the last week we should do something big such as a field trip. Erica came up with the idea where we get a bunch of garbage bags (different colors) and allow the students to make their own clothing (the trash bags go over their clothing, of course). The garbage bags are put in the center of the circle of students and then let them create and style an outfit of their choice (make a cape as a super hero, a dress, make a hat, or whatever it is that they want to make)We (the SLU students) can bring materials such as scissors, glue, etc. for the middle school students. The kids can, then, make their own fashion clothing with unconventional materials (which makes them think out of the box). After they are done, then we can do a mini-fashion show. I would like to do a couple activities with the kids, then get them to come up with some activity ideas.


  2. With this project the fashion show. The students choose the bags of their choice and make outfits out of them. Boys and girls can do all kind of little things with them. They help each other out as well. Then they get to show their outfits off. I personally did this in sixth grade and we all had a blast and I did this with multiple groups. The students use their imagination, creativity, work process skills (figuring out what to do with their ideas). It is a lot of fun!